Content Train



Welcome to the Content Train, where every ticket is Business Class. I’m your conductor. This service provides all content needed to develop a beautiful, compelling Amazon affiliate site from a blank slate.

This is a boutique, exclusive service. I only accept a maximum of three orders per month. This allows me to focus on clients, without distraction from pending orders. I am a one man show, and all provided content is written, reviewed and modified by myself alone.

The three-order limitation also serves to quell order spikes. These spikes lead to delays in final arrival time, or diminished quality due to rushed orders.

The Content Train Credo

As Content Train, I pride myself on client-side simplicity. I have three pillars in my credo. These have been cultivated from 18 months of client writing, with over 1.2 million words written. Those pillars are:

  1. Article quality, providing engaging content and ensuring every word counts.
  2. Ease of use, offering a true hands-off system for article delivery and a complete package for use on new Amazon affiliate sites.
  3. Customer satisfaction, with top-tier client support and meaningful communication.

What Content Train Offers

The Content Train package is 15,000+ words of smooth-running content. This acts as the engine to propel your website with both SEO-optimized articles and compelling guides. This is for more than organic reach. The packages I provide will convert, and will be read.

These words are stretched across sixteen pieces of content:

The turnaround time for arrival of your train is 30 days. You will receive weekly updates as to the status of your project.

In addition to the content itself, you will also receive:

After receipt, you as a buyer should be able to get all content onsite and live incredibly quick. Alternatively, for an added cost I will add the content, images and meta information straight to your WordPress site with a separate, temporary login.

The Full Content Train Process

When we decide to move forward, you will provide us with your website and focus niche. That is all you need you do. Within 24 hours, you will receive your personalized Business Class ticket. This ticket acts as an invoice, explains our full process and outlines your arrival date.

Every step of the process is meticulous. Each piece focuses on the three pillars above.

Ticket Pricing

The cost for this package is a flat $1,297. That averages 8.6 cents per word, and includes the complete content package with images, links, formatting and more.

For an extra $97, I will add all images and formatting straight to your WordPress site, for the true hands-off experience.

If you would like recurring content, I can include two additional 1,000 word product reviews and two relevant blog-style 750 word posts per month for $297 per month. These four articles are delivered once weekly, in the same format as the main Business Class ticket outlined above.

Refund and Revisions Policy

The Content Train refund policy is unique. I strive to ensure that all packages arrive on time every time. However, extraneous circumstances can crop up. 

As I don’t like to leave passengers at the station, I have implemented a solid refund policy to ensure any late arrivals are properly compensated.

For every day after 30 that your content does not arrive, I refund $50 from your initial purchase price, or provide 500 words of free content. Therefore, if for some reason your train arrives seven days late, you will either receive a $350 partial refund, or 3,500 words of free content, redeemable at any time.

Revisions Policy

Content Train does not want to leave our passengers unsatisfied. As such, I provide unlimited revisions as requested upon delivery of your completed package. Our only request is that you provide detailed recommendations of revisions within 72 hours of receiving the final package.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I see some samples?

I have long been of the belief that samples serve no valid purpose. They are examples of a writer’s best work, used as sales material to lure in clients. Many writing services I have ordered in the past provided samples. In almost every case, these samples were of far better quality than the finished product received. I don’t bother asking for content samples any more.

The quality of this sales page is the quality of your end product, period. I wrote this. While I don’t like to toot my own train whistle, this is editorial post quality work. However, see below for a way to get 100 free personalized words as a review copy.

Why so expensive?

I am far from the most expensive per-word writing service offered here. My rates are lower than my per-word rates for my last content writing thread as well. I rationalize my services and price points as:

Do you provide any review copies?

As this service requires a good deal of work and time, there will be no review copies provided. However, if you are interested in my services but are apprehensive about spending the money, I have a solution to determine if my writing will exceed your needs.

Send me a message that you are interested in my services. In the message, provide me with a niche for your target topic. From there, I will write a free 100-word introduction to test the waters. If you like what you receive, and there is space available on the Content Train, you are more than welcome to hop aboard.

What about discounts?

Stay on the lookout for discounts to be provided. I’m not one to display inflated prices and then always run a discount. The number is the number. However, I will occasionally provide discounts such as Donate $100 to [CHARITY] and I will discount my price to $1,097 and the like.

How can I best get in touch with you?

I prefer for all communication to be onsite. While I have a Skype account, I do not like using it for productivity reasons. If email communication is preferred, please send me a message here and I will provide my email for use.

I look forward to hearing from you, and hope that you hop aboard the Content Train, where every ticket is Business Class.